We don’t mean to say these designs are moderate by any means at all...it’s just a catagory we put them in.
When we receive a rough sketch that has been rendered
as well as the one above it’s quite helpful as we can see
right away the direction we need to head.

4 foot by 8 foot site signs have been popular for quite
a spell now and more and more of them incorporate
an architect's illustration of what the final building
will look like and usually the logo or at the least the
names of the rest of the sub-contractors.

Another example of a team logo that shows the
original pencil sketch and then the final digital.
The outlines to the right are what the vectored
paths look like so you can see that this design
can also be cut on a plotter.
Something like this “Swimming Rules”
sign or a menu board can be trying with
the load of copy that is required and
especially with the menu...being changed
periodically with the items and prices.
Once we have the file set up...and if you
understand how to work with the layers...
you can make the changes easily yourself
with the files you receive from us.
Another example of a well executed color rendering...the final image is to have
many uses...sometimes very small as a label and other times quite large for the
display cases...as you can see there were changes made from the first rendering
to the last. This is not a big deal as our files are "layers heavy" and editing
the files is very simple. Again the vector lines are shown here at the right.
All of the designs on this page except the “Swimming Rules & Leatherman”
designs are the original works of Cosmic Ray