More for Cosmic Ray here...Coz emailed the well drawn rough sketch and I was instructed to turn out a finished black and white version. Scroll over the sketch to see the results. Also when you get a chance
The original design (A) was developed for a 12 foot x 20 foot wall in Minneapolis...what we did was reduce the art to fit within a stock 12" x 24" frame (B). Of course this created a puzzle (C) as the image left more room from top to bottom than from left to right (D) so we created a faux mat and included some copy and the WallDog logo to fill the negative space. We printed the design on Lexjet Sunset Fine Art Satin SUV by Hahnemuhle material from our Mutoh.
Larry White (William Blake) from out in California ( a place I am always dreaming of) sent us a rough post card sketch and asked us to "Butlerize" it. Larry is an awesome reverse gold leaf on glass expert craftsman and has done an enormous amount of work of this type...check out his site sometime Scroll over the above image to see our first take at it. Now just so you know...the top four images are of Larry's own handy work.
When our son Jon decided to head out to Milwaukee for the big 105 Harley-Davidson anniversary he needed a unique shirt from home so we came up with this fictitious company called Hoosier Vending Co. with a famous tag line stolen from local guitar/song writer Grub Graber...scroll over the above image to see what became from the very very rough beginning sketch.
It's rare that I ever start a design in Photoshop...usually I start with at least a very rough pencil sketch however...I could see where this was going before I could find my pencil so I just took off on it and had a finished design for the client in about 2 hours time.
We couldn't leave this one alone so...took one of Coz's pigs and made some alterations to create the "Lipstick on a Pig" graphic that we then printed on some t-shirts...scroll over the sketch above to see the end result...and...if you want one of the t-shirts emails for details.

Dave Correll from up in Minnesota did the original design here (great job as usual) and for some reason they decided that I should put the color to it...we broke it down to a 4-color spot color separation for t-shirts and when you scroll over the above image you'll see how it came out.

The Brown Bag Deli here in Syracuse is a really good place to eat...they have a great menu too. So...they change it maybe once every 4-6 months...we built a file so changes can be easily made and then we simply print another digital print out and install it over top the last one...just something else for you to consider.
While we're on the subject of food...we really got into juicing fruits and vegetables of late and you just can't put this stuff in a bottle or jar without a label...can you?...scroll over!