The only available reference for this design was a beautifully
crafted gold leaf window (photos can’t do them justice) and
they most certainly don’t translate well for digital work either.
So we took what was available and hand vectorized every
element and proceeded with the coloring until completed.

I am not going to say it however this was a s-cream...
a bowl of ice cream in the tropics. This design was used
for the printed cups they served the product in, the
graphics for the window advertising and all other
forms of point of purchase displays.

This one falls under it’s own heading...a very detailed digital rendering of a beaver in blue jeans and a flannel shirt...the shirt
itself was a major accomplishment...then combine this with the beveled letters on the truck centre panel...I’d have to classify
this as Complex X-Large. However...we love a challenge and think we have the capabilities of doing this type work
as well as anybody else in the industry so don’t hold back on sending us your most challenging projects.

And there are times when all that
is required is a layout and some
recommendations and we can take
it from there such was the case
here. It was decided that a quail
would be the primary graphic along
with a suggested color combination.
One other point we would like to
make here is that in all of our files
allow that any portion(s) can be
separated and used on their own...
for example the quail or the “Dobson
Ranch” type face could be used in
a number of applications.

General Gems...another challenge
met with a successful ending. Of
course it helps when you have
great color renderings to set the
path for the project as was the case here. The end client asked for some changes concerning the wheel graphics, the spokes, during the execution of this design. Not a problem as all of the elements concerning the wheel were on separate layers (you gotta love those layers). And if down the line more changes are required it’s never a major task to handle.

Doug Bernhardt: Bernhardt Sign Co, Cosmic Ray: Beaver Truck Centre & General Gems and Mark Yearwood: Dobson Ranch